The Chef

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Chef Azad Hussain’s passion and enthusiasm for cooking sublime-tasting food has seen his reputation as a professional chef soar. He was highly acclaimed in his previous restaurant, which reached the top four in the British Curry Awards 2010. His work has clearly not gone unnoticed as he was also selected as a finalist in the most coveted category of the British Culinary Chef of the Year awards 2011.


“Set aside what you know about Indian food – Kormas swimming in sauce or brightly-coloured Tikka Masala – and let me reintroduce you to the tastes as they should be – delicious and exciting.”


Azad aims to reignite the nation’s love of Indian food by refining and subtly balancing his dishes. Having devised an authentic menu that features a tantalising blend of flavours and the finest-quality ingredients, the dining experience at Koloshi is certainly one to remember.



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